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I have given Tutorials in Latin American Politics and Comparative Government and taught  a Class about Alternative Drug Policies in Latin America at Oxford University. 


Tutor BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Department of Politics and Inter-

national Relations, University of Oxford. Politics in Latin America and Comparative

Government. Taught small-group seminars for undergraduate students at several

Oxford colleges: Manseld College, Pembroke College, Exeter College.


Instructor for MPhil in Latin American Studies, Latin American Centre, University of

Oxford. Developed and taught module: Current debates and drug reform in contem-

porary Latin America: which alternatives? for the elective State, Organized Crime

and Drug Tracking in Latin America

Teaching Assistant Graduate Course in Qualitative Research Methods, Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford. Independently taught advanced Qualitative Research Methods seminars on Process Tracing, Process Tracing Tests, Qualitative Content Analysis and Interviews (online instruction due to Covid-19 restrictions on in-person teaching) and assisted the course convener with preparing, teaching and grading the Qualitative Research Methods course.

A sample syllabus for a hypothetical course on the causes and consequences of drug crime and violence in Latin America can be found here.

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