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Marijuana legalisation by blunt force: A decade of US policymaking through ballot initiatives. OxPol Blog - December 2020.

Uruguay's government is in danger. Its marijuana legalisation may be safe. OxPol Blog - November 2019.

Hawk, dove, eagle or headless chicken? US foreign policy under Trump. OxPol Blog - September 2019.

Lacking substance: drugs and the Tory leadership contest. OxPol Blog – June 2019.


La marihuana en México: cómo legalizarla de manera efectiva, justa y segura. with Raúl Bejarano. Huffington Post Mexico – January 2019.

¿Qué tan buena es la propuesta de Morena para legalizar la marihuana en México? with Raúl Bejarano. Nexos – December 2018.

Marijuana in Mexico: how to legalise it effectively, fairly and safely. with Raúl Bejarano. The Conversation – December 2018.

Brazilians’ other choice: the future direction of drug policy. OxPol Blog – October 2018.

Who is afraid of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? OxPol Blog – August 2018.

From scoring goals to winning votes: How three footballers strike out as politicians. OxPol Blog – January 2018

What a probable Jamaica coalition means for possible cannabis legalisation in Germany. OxPol Blog – October 2017

America's other vote: Cannabis legalisation on the ballot. OxPol Blog - November 2016.

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